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I dropped the ball

I have officially dropped the ball. My children are watching Cars 2 for the second time this week (and it’s only Tuesday), my house is a disaster, I’ve dropped out of all my classes for the semester,  I’m behind on all my correspondence, and I am weeks late letting you know that Heather Hansen is the winner of the beautiful Ming Dragon pillows featured on Free Pillow Friday.

In regards to Free Pillow Friday, and blogging in general, I am also going to be dropping the ball. I am currently forcing myself to write this blog post, mostly to tidy up loose end regarding the contest. To put it bluntly, finding out I am unexpectedly pregnant with a third babe has sent me into a depressive spiral and I am functioning on survival mode (barely). Because of past experience and my nursing education I am aware that I am in a major depressive episode at the moment but despite this awareness I  have little energy or motivation to work my way out.

I’m essentially writing to say that I won’t be writing much in the next while. Though my husband is bearing up beautifully to my complaints and moaning I won’t expose you to “the pit”.

I’ll see you on the other side. When I get through this. Because I always do. Prayers appreciated dear readers.



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Useless Sludge and Golden Dreams

When I am in my first trimester of pregnancy I am essentially reduced to a useless pile of nauseated sludge. My housekeeping falls to ruins, my daughter gets to watch lots of TV, and my stomach yearns for little other than french fries , ego waffles, and roast chicken. Point being, that though I have all the necessary fixings to complete my budget friendly makeover of my master bedroom and bathroom, it’s probably not going to happen in the next six weeks.

Instead, while my body rests (as much as possible with two active children), my brain is in overdrive, contemplating different problem solving schemes to make three kids work in two small bedrooms. In terms of decor, it will certainly be simpler if this baby is a girl and can eventually share Sofia’s already girly room with her. If the baby is a a boy I will have some decorating to do since the smaller room is certainly geared toward a little boy.

Right now I am dreaming of a gold, white, and pink bedroom which Sofia can grow into as she transitions into a school-aged child. When I mentioned the idea of her having pink walls her eyes lit up with eagerness. I think there is a lot of potential to go all wrong with a pink bedroom but the pictures that have been inspiring me are all right.

It started with this lovely bedroom decorated by Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme:


The stunning gold and white floral white paper is uber classy and the mix of soft pink and hot pink is all girl. But I know I won’t be able to afford wallpaper so….stencils of course:

girlbedroompinkThis room exhibits the same glam use of white and gold but keeps it to one stenciled feature wall. The hits of orange and blue add playfulness and keep it from looking too delicate.

girlbedroomtigerstripesNow I’m not sure about those zebra stripes but I love the way teal looks with soft pink. Adding teal to the pink room would allow me to salvage some of the design elements from Sofia’s current room.

pinkgoldblackroomAdding black to the pink, gold and white colour scheme would be a fantastic way to mature the room once Sofia was older.

pinkbedrrom3This room is a bit fancier than I would go for but I love the shade of pink chosen. Like in the previous pictures the furniture has a vintage/antique appeal which I love. One of the things I prefer about some of the other pictures is that they maintain more of a modernity whereas this last bedroom is starting to get quite traditional.

The pink and gold bedrooms I found became increasingly fru fru after this last picture so I’ll stop at that. Time to get back to my sole feat of the day: making dinner.

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The Game Changer

I’ve said it before and now I’ll say it again, I am a planner. I set plans for the future in my mind and they are beautiful. I look forward to them with excitement.

The thing is, my plans rarely seem to line up with God’s plans for me.

I had this beautiful vision of the future in my mind. I would finish my interior decorating diploma this year then start work at the hospital again on a casual basis after summer. My children would, not many years after this be in school full time and I would have more time to devote to decorating, DIY, a clean home, and gourmet dinners. It was a really nice plan. I was looking forward to it.

But here comes the game changer. I’m pregnant again. I really, really did not mean to be pregnant again. I was done, done, done at two. But here I am, six weeks pregnant, expecting late April.

All of a sudden our three bedroom townhouse doesn’t seem like it will comfortably last us for the forever I was hoping. We need to trade in our car for a van. I will be giving birth in the Spring rather than completing my diploma. I will lapse five years of not nursing and will have to do retraining, and it seems less likely I will ever go back to this form of work.

We all experience different challenges in life accompanied by different forms of grief. For so many lovely women their challenge is getting pregnant, their grief the babies they never get to hold. Right now, for me, the challenge is adjusting to this new reality, the grief is letting go of all my “well laid” plans. As my dear friend noted, the root of the challenge is the same, we are not getting what we wanted.

I am not happy. I have shed many, many tears, but I am resigned and I am adjusting to a new vision for the future. I hold onto the fact that no matter how much this is not what I wanted for my life, it is what God has planned for me. And I know that once this baby is in my arms I will love it just as fiercely and whole heartily as I love Charlie and Sofia.

And in the end, as I always find when my plans go awry, God’s plan for me will turn out to be better than expected.





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Introducing Free Pillow Friday

(Okay, I realize it is Thursday night, not Friday, but I’m going to be busy all day tomorrow)

So I’m starting this new thing that I’m kind of excited about….giving away free pillow covers. If you are not into fabric or interior decor this will be distinctly unexciting, but if you happen to run a blog called “Fabrictherapy”…very exciting.

Last winter I stocked up on gorgeous (mostly designer) fabric and made dozens of pillows to sell at an artisan market. It turns out that pillow covers are not a big seller at these kinds of venues, so I have oodles of lovely pillows sitting lonely in a bag. Since it is a sunk cost, I’d much rather give these beauties away than have them gather dust.

I’m starting off with one of my faves, Ming Dragon, created by Robert Allen for Dwell Studio. I love, love this pattern and the variety of colours it comes in. It looks good in so many different applications:

Mid century mod chair upholstered in Ming Dragon in Persimmon.

Mid-century mod chair upholstered in Ming Dragon Persimmon.

Drapery in Ming Dragon aquatint.

Drapery in Ming Dragon aquatint.

For this give away I will be mailing the winner two 20 by 20 inch pillow covers (inserts not included) in Ming Dragon Admiral, a total value of over $70. All you have to do is post a comment on what you would like to see more of on

Ming Dragon Admiral (indigo blue background).

Ming Dragon Admiral (ie. indigo blue background).

Click here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you happen to win or just love the look of the fabric, Dwell Studio has gorgeous coordinates and there are lots of stores on Etsy where you can have coordinating pillows custom made:


Dwell Studio Coordinates by Robert Allen.

I have a great variety of fabric, so if Ming dragon ain’t your thing, come back next Friday!

PS. I’ve never set up a give away on my blog before so please let me know if it doesn’t work for you! Contest begins at midnight and runs for a week. Check next Friday to see if you are a winner!


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Yesterday I participated in the Curious Flea for the first time. I’ve been a part of the Artisan Market at New Westminster River Market selling my handmade pillows but this time I hauled the plethora of fun vintage goods gathering dust in my garage to sell at the market. Taking part in the markets is always a good time, made even better this time due to the dual pleasure of making a little cash and clearing out space in my garage. My pillows made the trip with me and I sold a few but I’m cooking up a scheme for “Free Pillow Friday” on Fabrictherapy to find some loving homes for my surplus.

As with every time I have participated in one of these markets, holding on to any pennies earned is a challenging task with so many sweet vintage and handmade goods floating around. All the stores were delightful but there were a couple new vendors this weekend who are seriously noteworthy from an interior decor perspective.

I’m always a fan of up-cycling and Derek G. Fuller of Signtology uses his mad artistic talent to create unique pieces of eco-friendly art on reclaimed pieces of wood.

Notice the painting in the bottom right hand corner. It's of his and his wive's first dance. Aww...He does custom.

Notice the painting in the bottom right hand corner. It’s of him and his wife at their wedding. So sweet.

Derek takes on custom work as well. These kinds of paintings would look fantastic in either a country or modern design style depending on the subject matter and finish of the wood.

My other Flea fave was Arniture. Another perfect example of up-cycling, Arniture uses  metal barrels to make one of a kind chairs. These ultra modern chairs are pieces of art whether you choose a simple painted one or one which has been decorated with a skillfully hand painted design. I know that if I’m ever decorating someone’s home in a funky modern style I’ll be coming back to these guys!


This branch design was my favorite.

This branch design was my favorite.

And did I mention they are comfortable too? These chairs would make a stunning conversation piece indoors or out. Check out their online store for item availability.

Not exactly your traditional flea market overtaken by old nick-knacks and fun doo-dads (though you’ll find that there too), the Curious Flea is increasingly becoming a selling destination for talented local craftsmen. A must see for those looking for unique interior decor items, the next Curious Flea will be held in November. See the Curious Flea facebook page for more information.

(FYI, I’m not dissing nick-knacks and doo-dads…they are my greatest Curious Flea weakness).


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